Introducing our Information Therapy for Autistic and ADHD children and beyond..

It all started with the onion..
We know that human intention (external qi of qigong) can make changes to the physical world, including speeding up the growing process of plants. However, can we retain the information during an external qi treatment and playback to get the same effect? If this is possible, then it will lend a strong support to the hypothesis that information can be converted into energy as proposed by Qigong scholar Dr Pang Ming in his Three Levels Theory of Matter [1].

In February 2008 we did a simple experiment to validate that. We sent information/intention  to skinned onion bulb and recorded the session. After that the audio file is playback to the subject 30min daily for 11 days. The result was amazing. (Please see the attached picture) We learned later that under normal circumstances it is not possible to germinate skinned onion.

We approached two local universities with the hope to find a researcher to help us to run similar experiments, hoping that they could imagine what will happen if we do the same thing to the plants in large scale. However, we failed to market the idea. We introduced this to some friends in the Qigong research circle; again, somehow it did not catch on… apparently we have to sharpen our marketing skill 😦

Slowly we found that it is almost impossible to convince the modern scientists that “information ( external qi) can be converted into energy and human intention is a form of information” is a plausible hypothesis. Despite the successful research “Information Heat Engine: Converting Information To Energy By Feedback Control”[2] published in Nature to validate what James Maxwell proposed 150 years ago, many in the consciousness research field are still skeptical.

We dropped the idea in 2010 and only started to pick it up again in August 2015, after reading about Prof William Tiller’s Psychoenergetics [3] where information is recorded with an oscillator and playback 24/7 to subjects subsequently. After some fine tuning, we started to work on our information therapy (i therapy, because we were located at i Avenue then 😉)

Armed with our knowledge in Qigong, we started our trial in March this year on autistic children and children with temperamental problem, then extended to other problems that we find might be useful, including a case of meningitis. We started on children (below the age of 14) mainly because through our experience in healing, we understand, unlike adults, their “self” has yet to develop fully and we are able to make changes much easier. We are glad with the extremely good response! And we started to extend that to more children and to date we have worked on more than 40 children and we are glad to report that all have shown various degrees of progress!


[1] Energy-Equivalance of Qigong

[2] Experimental demonstration of information-to-energy conversion

[3] XXX The Globally Broadcast Autism Intention Experiment