Changing the character of 3-year-old 700km away.

YY is three; he is the first child of the family and also the first grandson of the grandparents. Naturally all attention and love was on him since birth.

His mother gave birth to his brother when he was 1-year-old. All the adults were happily going round the newborn, howevver YY would not allow his grandma and father to cuddle his brother. The moment he saw his grandma cuddling his brother, he would cry aloud. Slowly, he started to demand grandma to hold him for afternoon nap and if grandma did not pick him up when he woke up, he would cry incessantly.

The moment he saw his father, he would want his father to carry him, otherwise he would cry, sometimes for hours. The family has no choice but to allow the grannies to take care of him during the day. One year later, his younger brother was inflicted with meningitis (see: Recovery from meningitis) and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. During then, the family members took turn to take care of the brother. YY stopped talking and refused to go home with the parents at night and he never asked about his brother’s where about. He also did not response to what the parents told him about his brother. After the brother was discharged, YY became more attached to his grandma. He would not allow his grandma to hold his brother, even when his brother was crying.

On July 11, 2016, we contacted Pei See (through video Skype) for the condition of the younger brother and we invited Pei See to take a look at YY and run the i-Therapy for him.

One week after i-Therapy was started, we could clearly acknowledge the change of YY, we were surprised that he would get out of his bed on his own after the afternoon nap.

By now (September 1, 2016), i-Therapy has gone on for 2 months, YY is clearly a much happier boy. He smiles frequently and would ask for his brother when his brother went to the hospital for follow-up treatment. He was happy to stay with his aunties at home when his grandma went to hospital to have a look at this brother. He would tell his aunties that he missed his brother.

When the brother was back, he would play with his brother. In fact he now plays with his brother every day after school. His grandma and father can also join in to play with his brother. He has also started to address his aunties; previously he would only address his grandma and father. Many thanks to Pei See.

by FT (auntie of YY in Penang) 1 September 2016




11/7 因为弟弟的关系,我们联络到佩诗帮弟弟医病。同一时间,我们请佩诗检测哥哥也开始了哥哥的I-Therapy.