We started to work on autistic children in 2003. There were no video Skype then and broadband is still uncommon in Malaysia. We have had many cases but only 2 had attained substantial improvement. In most cases all the parents wanted were to have their children to develop the ability to communicate with others and learn to take care of themselves.

Why was the success rate so low then? Well, parents have to send their children to us every day for the first 2 months. This is not easy and the 2 success cases were with parents who were able to do that. It took one of them 45 to 60 minutes each way to my office. One has his autistic tag removed by the neurologist after 2 months and the other one improved tremendously and won an international drawing competition 2 years later. Both developed the ability to communicate with others and the knowledge to take care of themselves.

However we realized this is highly demanding to the parents and also the therapist. It is not easy to avoid having parents feeling guilty when they found it is not possible for them to send their child to us every day; they have already stretched their resources to the max. Many times they have to take care of other children too. We are truly glad that i Therapy is able to alleviate such problem.

Through our experience, we know the younger the client, the easier to make changes. Initially our plan was to stick to those who are below the age of 12. However, we have a 14-year-old as the pioneer and her progress has brought us many pleasant surprises. (see Testimonial 2)