Nan Yang Shang Bao 10 January 2017

<Information Therapy for Autism, the more focused the more powerful>

Reported by: Angie  Photographed by: Jonah Foo

Although a child is a gift from heaven, only families who have autistic or ADHD children can understand what it is like. In addition to providing full time care, parents have to worry about the children’s future. Some parents cannot accept the fact that their children need special care and they try to hide it, sometimes relationships were strained because of that. Therefore helping special kids is an important issue.

Undeniably, the current common modalities are providing some help to such children but the high cost of treatment is not something an average family could afford.

Recently there is a new method named Information Therapy that is applied on autistic and ADHD children. It is said that results could be seen in a short time, this is definitely good news.

The person who created this approach is the co-founder of Serenity Therapy & Health Centre, Mr Ooi Kean Hin. He came with his colleague, Ms Sew Pei See, to Nan Yang Shang Bao office in Selangor to have an interview with the press, with the intention to spread this good news.

    What is Information Therapy?

Therapy by using information? What is information?

If we say something coming out from the brain is “information”, many will find it hard to believe, this is too intangible, how to apply it for healing? Isn’t that too mystical?

Ooi Kean Hin stressed that this not mystification, but science!

In fact information therapy existed since ancient days. In the olden days, if there is anything that is not well or if there is any need, the priest or whoever has the capability, would be invited to beg from the sky or spirits for help. Currently, many religions still have similar practices. For instance Christians will perform prayer to help others to get rid of illnesses. Now, that brings more confusion, isn’t that related to spirits and god? How can it be a science?

     Information can be converted into energy

Ooi Kean Hin said: “Information can be converted into energy.”

He pointed out that Yi Jing (The book of Change) says: wuji produces taiji, taiji produces two polarities, two polarities produces four phenomena, four phenomena produces eight trigram. And the Daoists said: dao produces one, one produces two, two produces three, three produces everything. Both are pointing out that everything comes from nothing.

“Information can be converted into energy is a proposal that has been validated by some scientists. Back in 1865 Scottish physicist, James Maxwell has proposed that information can be converted into energy. In 2010, a team in Chuo University of Japan has conducted an experiment to move a tiny polystyrene bead up a staircase made of electromagnetic field. It was found that the energy required for the bead to climb up against gravitational force can only come from the information provided, thus, information was converted into energy for the bead to move up.”

Information therapy is actually the work of a qigong therapist to emit specific information to a subject, the information will bring the changes and provide healing. It sounds easy, but not really.

He explained: “Actually this is the extension of external qi therapy. We make use of Extra Sensory Perception capability as the tool to diagnose, find out the root of the problem and emit specific information to bring healing effect. This method relies on specially trained therapists to emit healing information while under highly focused qigong state. The information is recorded and playback 24 hourly to regulate the condition of the client to bring healing effect.”

    How it started

Ooi Kean Hin started to practice Zhineng Qigong in 1997. He started to apply intention healing since 2003. In the early days there was no broadband, clients have to come to his office everyday for onsite treatment; it was demanding to both therapist and parents and he stopped that eventually.

The Information Therapy that he is doing now is founded on Three Levels Theory of Matter proposed by the founder of Zhineng Qigong, Dr Pang Ming. The theory proposes that all matters in the universe existed in three levels: physical, energy and information.

“The three levels are interchangeable. Most importantly, this theory points out that the human consciousness is a form of information. That is why human intention can make changes to the physical world.”

He started to venture into research and experiments to validate this theory. They include creation of electromagnetic waves with intention, external qi treatment for plants, recorded information to speed up germination of spring onion etc., the results were encouraging.

Experiment found effective

In 2010 together with Prof Tan Soo Choon of USM he published the article Qigong Information-Energy Equivalence in Journal of Nonlocality (owned by International Consciousness Research Lab). In 2012 he was invited by Sigmund Freud University in Vienna to give a lecture on the topic. (Lecture was uploaded to YouTube.)

In 2015, he chanced upon Global Autism Broadcast Experiment by Prof William Tiller of Stanford University and started to develop his own approach.

“Prof Tiller was recording the information “normal socialization ability etc” emitted by 4 meditators by using an oscillator and the information was broadcasted 24 hourly to the names and addresses of the subjects spread out throughout the world. The experiment was found to bring positive results.”

In February 2016, Ooi Kean Hin started his own method. Currently his team has successfully handled more than 50 “special children” throughout the world, including those from Australia, Singapore, Europe, Mexico, USA etc.

    The method

“This is an extension of external qi therapy, we playback recorded mp3 file 24 hourly, irrespective of where the client is located, we can meet on the net.”

To work on a client, they need to have recent portrait photo and personal data. During the recording, the therapist will send information to the photo in front of him/her and the information is recorded down in mp3 format. Subsequently the photo of the client and a mp3 player are placed inside a box with the player running 24 hourly. The box is kept in a soundproof room so as to prevent disturbance of outside information.

During the therapy, the client needs not do anything, parents will have to provide weekly feedback so as to make necessary adjustment. If the child has any physical problem like neck or spine injury, parents will be taught to perform simple massage to hasten the process of recovery.


Picture of client and the mp3 player is kept inside a box, placed in a soundproof room. The player will play 24 hourly.

    Why continuous playback

When asked about the difference between prayer healing and what they do, and the purpose of playing the device 24 hourly, Ooi Kean Hin said indeed the ideas are similar but they differ in terms of technicality. He quoted an example: “I know a Christian with a brain tumor who was informed by doctors that there was nothing much they could do and she had just a few months to live. Sixteen of her friends prayed for her for one month and the tumor shrunken down, she is still alive and kicking today. In a healing prayer, the intention is normally about the end result like “tumor disappears” but the participants will not think of how the tumor disappears; will it shrink on its own or through the help of chemotherapy? But what we do is more technical. For instance if we find qi deficiency at the front lobe or parietal lobe, we will send information to strengthen it. Although both share the same target, our approach consists of a process. However, it does not imply the more technical the better; it is the ability to stay focused that decides the strength of the information. Therefore therapists must have a relatively good level of mindfulness.”

“The recording is similar to a prayer, information is emitted by the brain, there is no sound, and therefore the recorded file is almost inaudible. Having the photo of the client inside the box is because the portrait photo best represent a person. Just like healing prayer, the praying participants will just think of the look of the subject. However, it is not possible to keep praying 24 hourly but there is no problem for a good mp3 player to perform that.”

Why Autistic and ADHD children?

When asked why targeting the autistic and ADHD children, Ooi Kean Hin lamented: “A special child can bring big financial burden to a family. An average family with such a child might have difficulties making ends meet. If we can help the kid, it is like helping the whole family, this is meaningful.”

“Only those who have a special child will know the problem. A mother once told me she has to take her child to the hospital 3 times a week for occupational therapy, speech therapy and neurofeedback therapy. Each treatment costs RM100 per visit, minimally she has to spend RM1200 on that child and sadly there was little progress after many months. However, with Information Therapy, she witnessed clear improvement within 2 weeks.”

    Information Therapy found effective for autistic children

“We have handled more than 40 kids aged between 4 months to 14 years since February last year, all showed positive changes. Many parents reported that their children turned stable, more sensible, started to learn to speak, becoming more focused…”

He said Information Therapy has shown to be effective for neurological illnesses. They have succeeded in turning around 2 patients with suicidal depression. Next, they will go to Netherlands to work on dementia patients.

    Why not do it in Malaysia?

On why they have to go to Netherlands, Ooi Kean Hin smile wryly: “It is difficult to perform such things here, with the backing of 3 lecturers from USM I have written to a few organizations here but none of them replied. We have an associate therapist in Netherlands, I wrote to her, and she replied within the same day asking me to arrange a trip there. There is also an autistic centre there which we will see how we may help.”

“Europeans are generally better educated in the field of science and they are open-minded, if you can produce results they do not mind how you may do it, as long as it is safe. Locals are not receptive towards advance science; it is also a reflection of the reputation of qigong. The moment we mention qigong many will take it as something mystical, unrealistic. In fact this is something related to advanced science, we need the help of the government to provide qigong therapy a higher qualification standard.”

Currently only Ooi Kean Hin and Sew Pei See are able to provide such service in Malaysia. Therefore their centre is working on training more therapists. Their target is the undergraduates at USM, at least undergrads will have better understanding about advanced science and would not acknowledge qigong as something mystical and will not look at Information Therapy as something unscientific.








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