Towards the end of the recent M1P2 class, we invited participants to try out iTherapy for 2 weeks. The intention of the trial is to see whether iTherapy would be helpful for practitioners.

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We have discovered:

  1. Majority of the participants experienced calmness of the mind and stronger qi sensation.
  2. Majority of the participants have a better understanding of “information can be converted into energy” as stated in Three Levels Theory of Matter.
  3. Information therapy is not constraint by time or space as we have participants from various parts of the world.
  4. Those who are qi sensitive experienced some recovery reactions especially on the second week when we focused onto specific, weaker areas that needed more qi (information).  In this case, those who seek inward and practiced further regained clarity of the mind and became physically stronger within a few days.
  5. iTherapy is working 24-hourly and it will take effect as soon as it is started.  It is a bit tricky to handle adults’ conditions as the adults’ mind is much more complex than young children and it is the mind that is commanding the life activities of adults. Yet, for those who managed to practice diligently iTherapy complements well, so much so that we have a participant who said: everyone should get iTherapy!





1.”Feeling worse” could be due to the fact that participants were not able to conclude objectively with the new experience or have started taking new medications.

2. A difficult part in iTherapy is to gather feedback, but those who did not response did not ask us to stop either. So we perhaps we should consider them as experiencing good external qi healing 😉 There is also the likelihood that some may not pick up what had changed. When we are dealing with children, parents are sometimes told to send us the child’s photo to counter check in addition to their observations. However, in this study, some were too busy to drop us a line.

A big qi hug to all!

What happened if instead of a positive intention someone added bad information to a file? Could it turn into a lethal weapon?

Answer: Let’s look at 2 aspects.

Effect of external qi (or information) on recipient:

– Without the influence of external factors, living organism will develop according to the intrinsic information (genetic information) to develop towards betterment, the sometimes so-called self-healing mechanism.

– It is not impossible for external qi/information to act against the intrinsic information, ancient said: “cursed by thousands, perished without any sickness.” However it will be difficult.

– What’s the evidence? Send qi to 3 potted plants (spring onion) and keep one as a control. One with the intention to kill, one without any intention (neutral), one with the intention to grow and one serves as control. The third one will grow well, so will the second one, much better than the control and the first one might not survive. But this is onto plants (not conscious human). To send bad info to human will be much much tougher: the therapist will have to work against his conscience, the unconditioned love that was deeply programmed into the consciousness during the first few years of life.

The therapist

– For a file to be effective, the therapist has to get into the middle harmonious level (state of mind before the onset of happiness, anger, sadness, exuberance), which is the state whereby the mind is closest (in relative term) to the self.

– It is damaging for the therapist to work against his conscience, ie, to bring up the killing anger. From the other perspective, those who are doing that remain at a low level of practice, ie, the strength of the intention is low.

– How to ensure that the therapist is at the middle? He has to reach a level of self-awareness, to know his own mental and physical state. That’s why to date; we have only a selected few to do this.



  1. 大部分的学员都体会到意识比较平和及气感都增强了。
  2. 大部分学员都对于三层物质理论的“信息可以转化为能量”有更深刻的理解。
  3. 参与实验的学员来自世界各地,这再次的证实了信息疗法是不受时间、空间的局限的。
  4. 对气机变化敏感的同学,好几位都经历了气冲、好转反应;尤其是在第二星期,我们发放调整个别弱点信息的阶段。在这星期内,能够内向运用意识,持续练功的,几天内意识就恢复平和了,身体也快速的强化。
  5. 信息疗法是24小时不间断的,启动后,即刻可以感觉到效果。成人的生命活动,主要是意识在主导,调理成人的难度,比调理小孩高多了。可喜的是,那些能够坚持练功的,信息疗法是很好的配给,有位学员甚至说:每个人都该尝试信息疗法!




  1. “感觉比较差”可能是因为参与的同学不能客观的检讨新的体会,或者刚开始服用新的药物。
  2. 信息疗法最挑战的是跟接受治疗者要求反馈。我们认为没有提供反馈的,应该都是感觉良好;因为他们没有要求停下。当然,有些同学也可能体会不到既有的改变。我们治疗儿童,往往得要求父母除了以短信提供反馈外,再把孩子的近照传来,以便看到。在这个成人实验中,好几位同学都忙得没有提供任何反馈。




– 在没外来的因素下,生物都会根据其内在因素(遗传因子信息)往有利其生命的方面发展,这也是我们常说的自愈能力。

– 要外来信息去破坏内在信息,不是不可能,古语说:千夫所指,无疾而终,但是这是不容易的。

– 什么是证明呢?试种4棵洋葱来做过实验。一棵给发气要它死亡,一棵给发气但不加任何意愿,一棵发气要它快速成长,另外一棵当着对比。第三棵会长得快,第二棵也是,都会长的比对比的快。第一棵可能就活不了了。但是这是对着植物发信息,不是对着活人发信息。对着活人发放信息,要求就高很多了。治疗师不会心里不会抗拒发放杀死植物的信息,但是发放破坏别人的生命力的信息,是违背良心,违背意识深处的恻隐之心的。


– 要发放的信息有力量,治疗师必须能够进入“中”的状态,“喜怒哀乐未发谓之中”的状态,也即是自我的状态。动了情绪,那肯定不行。

– 违背良知来发放信息,是破坏治疗师本身的生命力的。还能提起这种伤别人的杀意的治疗师,水平还是低下,专注能力不高,发放的信息的力量小,作用也小。

– 要怎么才能达到自我的状态?那治疗师必须能够先体会自我的状态,清楚自己的精神及形体状态。这当然不太容易。也为什么我们至今也仅是几位同学符合资格提供信息疗法服务。