Ms C
Down’s syndrome
Age: 38
Country: Mexico
iTherapy started on 27 Aug 16
Skype session was arranged to review the overall condition. We informed the mother that we had never handled Down’s syndrome before. We were not sure whether there will be any improvement through iTherapy. However the mother agreed to start iTherapy despite what we have told her. Simple traditional Chinese therapy was taught to help her overall Qi flow.
Summary of the mother’s feedback:
1st week:
• She arrived at the office in the mornings greeting everybody and asking how they were. This is not common for her, in fact she had never done this before.
• The other change reported by one of her teachers is that she is more assertive in doing what she decides and not what others suggest or ask.
• Nobody mentioned mood swings – so this is good.
• On the phone she sounded grateful because I went (clinic) to get some of her medicines and not only for my health, which is not common either.
• I do feel she is more willing to communicate.
4th week:
This week everything seemed very stable, little changes to the positive, no changes to the negative side.
The only aspect I can comment is that we have a golden retriever (dog) that belongs to my younger daughter. My daughter has never liked her, she prefers to stay away from her. This week she patted her gently on the head, took photos of her and approached her timidly but accepted the closeness. This makes life easier since the dog spends half of the week at home with us and is considered part of the family by everybody else.
Subsequent weeks:
• Found the joy of life she had before
• More conscious about her diet, refused to eat fattening food.. we went to the doctor and she has lost 1 kilogram from last visit (9 months ago). I do not keep track every month but this is encouraging. This is objective information, scales do not lie.
• She was still a little bit moody however her lows are not so low and her highs are not so pronounced
• She is trying to communicate and interact with the outside world much more. It is a pity not everybody understands her or has the patience to listen to her. But that is the response from the outside and not her lack of interest, which is the main issue. So in this respect we are doing OK. She continues to show me many of her homeworks every night, which is excellent
• This last week things were not so good with her, she was extremely moody, inflexible and stubborn. However as if like in magic Wednesday she turned happy again, stable and talkative! I had been sad and a little bit dissappointed even considering stopping the therapy. But when I saw the sudden change I decided to give her more time.
Let me just say I am glad we have given her the opportunity of this therapy that I would not find anywhere else. We (the whole family) will be attentive to changes.