Four-month-young baby  “tensed & sad since birth.”

This baby is very peculiar. He was very timid and would cry badly when he was not happy or when he was annoyed. His mother had to cuddle him every night to keep him asleep, otherwise he would keep crying. He had eczyma through out the body and would throw up immediately after each meal. The parents have consulted many doctors and Chinese physicians but nothing helped. We started i therapy on 19 March 2016

1 week later:一星期后:
“[07:57, 25/4/2016]: he is very calm since Saturday 他星期六以来就很安静。
[07:57, 25/4/2016] : Don’t make much noise anymore 不再这么闹了。

Both the digestive problem and skin problem reduced significantly after the first month and he has stabilised down in in the 3rd month.

The parents brought the baby to my office on September 5. His skin has returned to normal and his condition has improved tremendously. 今天上午,小孩的父母把他带来我的办公室。小瓜好了很多,情绪基本是稳定了,皮肤也好了,父母都特别高兴。