Changes of a 4-year-old boy (autistic, hyperactive)

Report from the mother.

This is one of the few parents who have put in the effort to forward weekly feedback.

17 September: Good evening. I am the mother of KSE who started the i-Therapy program last Saturday (10 September 2016). Until today, I have noticed that there is improvement in his emotion, waiting skill and instructions following. As for speech ability, he has used more words to present his wants rather than body language. The only thing that worries me is that these few days, he keeps on blinking his eyes. (our advice: observe for another few more days)

26 September: This is the second week. This week I can clearly see his ability to stay focused and to remain quiet has improved clearly.

He was not interested in playing with Lego, Linking Cube and the like previously; he would change to something else almost every 1-2 min. However, this week his ability to continue playing with the same toy has increased to 30 to 60min. He has also started to use more phrases to express himself, although the pronunciation is still not clear. The blinking has disappeared.

10 October: This is the report of the third week, sorry for being late. His stability, ability to remain focused and ability to express through speech have all improved a lot.

He gave me many pleasant surprises within the last week. Firstly, he could point onto the sentences in the drawing book to ask me to read to him. That drawing book has 12 pages! And he could describe the pictures in the drawing book. Previously we could hardly go through a single short phrase, and he would not want to continue after flipping a few pages. This week he had the initiative to bring the book to me to request me to read to him for up to 30min.

The second surprise is he could use a complete sentence to express himself without the help of others. He said: “I have a pizza and I have an ice-cream too.” Previously we have to prompt him to speak long sentences. He has been talking more since the last two weeks, however the pronunciation has still plenty of room for improvement. Many thanks to the therapist of Serenity THC.

14 October: This is the report of the 4th week. He has been communicating more than previously. However, he has fallen ill. He has been coughing and had vomited sticky phlegm. There is funny ‘kok-kok’ noise from his throat when he sleeps. [The child has recovered.]