Report by the mother (program started on 15 February 2016):

9 March 2016:
My daughter is under autistic spectrum. After using i therapy for about a month, there are changes in my daughter’s behavior. Some of the changes are the feedback from her teacher and some are from my observations.

1. She is more flexible and more acceptable to changes .She used to be very rigid and insisted on her wants. But lately, she could accept things not her liking. I can quote a few examples that struck me and her teacher.

i). Last year her teacher reported to me that in exam, there are some questions that she couldn’t answer. She tried to get help from her teacher but was denied, she insisted her teacher must gave her the answer and cried. She refused to carry on with other questions until she get her answer. But lately, when she took her exam, again she tried to ask for help from her teacher but again her teacher refused to give her the answer but ask her to try on her own. She complied but still could not answer. Then her teacher asked her what is she going to do? My daughter said never mind and she passed up her exam paper. I was very happy to hear that from her teacher. To me this is a big leap on her flexibility, compliance and awareness.

ii) My daughter loves to watch movies. She would take note of the movies that she likes and ask me to take her to watch. If i were to tell her that certain movies are not suitable for her, she would be unhappy and would constantly ask me again and again. But lately there’s one movie which she had an eye on it but that movie is not for below 18. I told her that it is only for 18 and above, her reaction was “ok, never mind, we don’t watch”. and that’s it, she did not mention it any more.

iii). My daughter doesn’t like to make friends with boys, she would scold them and shout at them. In her class, she is the only girl. Last year when the class took class photo, she insisted not to take the class photo, even the teacher persuaded her, insisted on it, and even scolded her but she would not comply. However this year (recently), she took a class photo although she did not smile at all. Besides this, her teacher told me that, 2 weeks ago, she initiated a conversation with a boy in her class.

2.Lately, when i talk to her, i felt that the connection of her to the surrounding is getting stronger. She is more conscious of the conversation and i notice she could link and connect to the meaning and some hidden meaning of the conversation. She understands the concept that “even she doesn’t like it but yet she has to do it”. Of course understanding is one thing , to do it is another. So i still guide her, encourage her and remind her through .

3. She would notice when she is not in a calm mode. When that happens, she will try to calm herself, or come to me and ask me to “fa qi” (send qi, the mother is a qigong practitioner) to her and let her calm down.

28 March 2016:
The other day when I was going back to our apartment , I stopped by to have a chat with a friend at that moment my daughter was ahead of me and went up first thinking I would follow soon.

After about 30 minutes, she came down to look for me. When she saw me she said she was very worried and I should phone her telling her that I was talking to my friend. I told her that she could call me too, she said she did but could not get me, and I realised I put my phone in silence mode.

Wasn’t this a good improvement! She is more aware of things and the surrounding and most importantly she knows how to tackle situations and knows what to do. I’m so happy and proud of her.

20 June 2016:
Usually my daughter would have low esteem and always says she cannot do it and cannot try. Just now when she was practicing her piano for her exam, she kept on playing and told me that she could do it. And she sounded determined.
She is improving gradually in many aspects. Thank you

24 October 2016:

The teacher asked whether I have helped her, only then I realised my daughter did the following table all by herself.