Dear Laoshi,

I would like to let you know that in the last 5 months my son’s school registered an improvement of our son of the 50% in his academic and emotional skills.

He was tested without being taught the topics of his next year and scored 20% higher than the average.

My son is definitely more relaxed and self confident. He smiles every day, he accepts himself more and more.

Thank you for your iTherapy, it’s changing our lives.

Unfortunately it would be impossible to tell to his school that F. is receiving iTherapy, even though I have to admit that I told them at the beginning when we decided we didn’t want to give him anymore the medicine for ADHD.
He has noticeably improved his level of focus too.

谢谢 from our Xin. (Mother of 9 yo boy who enrolled his son iTherapy  in May 2017)