Therapy for Autism & ADHD

Advance Autistic and ADHD Therapy


Changes of a 4-year-old boy (autistic, hyperactive) Report from the mother. This is one of the few parents who have put in the effort to forward weekly feedback. 17 September: Good evening. I am the mother of KSE who started the i-Therapy program last Saturday (10 September 2016). Until today, I have noticed that there […]

Progress of a autistic child

Report by the mother (program started on 15 February 2016): 9 March 2016: My daughter is under autistic spectrum. After using i therapy for about a month, there are changes in my daughter’s behavior. Some of the changes are the feedback from her teacher and some are from my observations. 1. She is more flexible […]

Progress report: 14-year-old girl

Four-month-young baby  “tensed & sad since birth.” 紧张及悲哀的4个月大孩子 This baby is very peculiar. He was very timid and would cry badly when he was not happy or when he was annoyed. His mother had to cuddle him every night to keep him asleep, otherwise he would keep crying. He had eczyma through out the body […]

Progess of a 4-month young baby

Ms C Down’s syndrome Age: 38 Country: Mexico iTherapy started on 27 Aug 16   Skype session was arranged to review the overall condition. We informed the mother that we had never handled Down’s syndrome before. We were not sure whether there will be any improvement through iTherapy. However the mother agreed to start iTherapy […]

Down Syndrome

Therapy started on 4 October 2016, report from mother on 8 December 2016. 1) Diagnosis: ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disability. 2) Treatment received before: Tonnes of therapy you can speak. Including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Biochemical and etc. Result statistically significant but slow in time 3) Experience with iTherapy: Magically, the results are […]

7-year-old autistic with intellectual disability

Progress report by father. Program started on 16 October 2016 The girl has improved on all 6 aspects, namely: socialization ability, self-control ability, confidence and independence, learning ability, expression ability and vitality and health. Report on 18 December 2016: General: She has displayed much improvement over the school holidays. She has demonstrated ability to control her […]

8-yr-old girl report


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